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Jordan Peele Is Interested in Making a Video Game

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Jordan Peele Is Interested in Making a Video Game

During an interview with ComingSoon, director Jordan Peele spoke about his views on video games as a medium and his interest in making a game.

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Shortly after appearing on Brain Structure, the podcast created and hosted by video game visionary Hideo Kojima, Peele was asked if he would be open to working on a video game.

… Absolutely. I do love games,” Peele answered. “I think that they are very connected to storytelling in that I truly believe the art form is about empathy. It’s about putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and understanding what it might feel like to be someone else. So yeah, yes is the answer.”

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“Where does Hideo Kojima (creator of the globally acclaimed video game Death Stranding and Metal Gear franchise) get his ideas? In this podcast, we take a deep dive into his brain and shed light on his creative process,” reads the synopsis for Brain Structure. Jordan Peele appeared in episodes 5 and 6.

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