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Roundup: Dozee to launch AI-powered ECG patch and more briefs

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Roundup: Dozee to launch AI-powered ECG patch and more briefs

Dozee coming up with AI-powered ECG patch for remote cardiac monitoring

Indian medical device maker Dozee is introducing a new ECG patch device to its portfolio of remote monitoring solutions.

According to a press release, the ECG patch monitors the heart’s electrical activity continuously over multiple days. It will help detect arrhythmias and other early signs of cardiac deterioration, assisting clinicians in providing timely medical interventions. 

This device can also feed live and continuous ECG data via the cloud and provide alerts to doctors. 

“We are excited to enter the cardiac monitoring segment in India with our ECG patch, which is an addition to our vitals monitoring portfolio. This technology can be especially pivotal in India, as cardiovascular disease has become the leading cause of morbidity and mortality over the last three decades,” said Dozee CEO and co-founder Mudit Dandwate.

India reports up to 1.8 million new cardiac cases each year, becoming a fast-growing disease burden in the country. 

Philips launches AR surgical navigation tool ClarifEye in Japan

An augmented reality surgical navigation solution by Royal Philips has come to Japan. 

Called ClarifEye, the solution combines 2D and 3D visualizations at low x-ray doses with 3D AR navigation into one system. 

It enables surgeons to define and navigate critical trajectories for precise device placement while avoiding damage to neurological and vascular structures close to the patient’s spine.

Philips reported its first use case in Japan in a hybrid OR at the International University of Health and Welfare, Mita Hospital.

“The addition of a new navigation system helps to create an even safer surgical environment. Compared to existing navigation systems, ClarifEye has no reference frame-related errors, and it’s wonderful that it achieves real-time imaging with pedicle segmentation,” Dr Ken Ishi of the hospital’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery commented.

Connect2MyDoctor signs research pact with the University of Sharjah

India-based telehealth platform Connect2MyDoctor has signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to collaborate on research activities.

As part of the deal, they will develop rehabilitation and well-being initiatives, leveraging C2MD’s integrated care coach OmniROM, which enables remote monitoring and measuring of a patient’s recovery or rehabilitation via video consultation. Their collaboration may also extend to areas such as data collection, analysis and joint submissions to journals, conferences and other scientific venues.

Another key aspect of this partnership is its contribution to local health development, said Prof Mohamad Alameddine, dean of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Sharjah. 

Additionally, C2MD has opened a regional headquarters in Dubai, further solidifying its presence in the UAE. It has recently signed two clients in Bahrain – Ithmaar Bank and Royal Hospital for Women and Children – and has a tie-up with the Federal Authority of Human Resources to provide access to online mental health care to around 100,000 employees and their families.

Taiwan OKs VUNO’s bone age analysis software

VUNO has received the approval of the Taiwan FDA for its bone age analysis software.

VUNO Med Bone Age automatically assesses bone age by reading a hand x-ray. 

The company will begin commercialising the software in Taiwan through its exclusive distributor contract with the CHC Healthcare Group.

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