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Cause of death revealed for Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s son

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An autopsy of Tina Turner’s son Ronnie Turner shows he died of complications related to late-stage cancer, as well as cardiovascular disease, officials said Tuesday.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office revealed the primary cause of death as complications of metastatic colon carcinoma, which is when the cancer has spread to other organs. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, in which a buildup of fats and cholesterol obstructs blood flow, was given as a significant condition that contributed to his death.

The death was categorized as natural.

Ronnie Turner was 62 when he died last Thursday. He was found struggling to breathe on the sidewalk in front of his Encino home, the LAPD told the New York Post. Moments later, he stopped breathing altogether and bystanders attempted CPR, TMZ reported.

Paramedics responded to a 911 call, TMZ said, but Turner was declared dead at the scene.

The son of rock ‘n’ roll icons Ike and Tina Turner, Ronnie reportedly had health issues but did not reveal any specific diagnosis prior to his death.

Tina Turner posted a tribute to her son last week on Instagram, sharing a portrait of herself with her eyes closed and writing, “Ronnie, you left the world far too early. In sorrow I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son.”

His wife, Afida Turner, also penned a tribute on Instagram, posting a photo of herself with Tina and Ronnie, whom she called “a true angel” with a “huge soul.”

“My husband my best friend my baby I was your mummy, your nurse your little monster,” Afida Turner wrote in all caps, sprinkling emojis among the words. “I did the best to the end. … This is very very very bad I am very mad. This is a tragedy U with your brother Craig and your father Ike Turner and [Alline.] Rest in paradise. So unfair.”

The couple were married in March 2007.

Ronnie’s brother Craig, Tina Turner’s eldest son, with saxophonist Raymond Hill, died in 2018 of suicide. Ike Turner died in 2007 of a cocaine overdose. Alline Bullock, Tina Turner’s older sister, died in 2010.

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