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TikTok crashes for users across the globe

by NYPost
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The a-Tok-alypse is upon us.

TikTok has crashed for users around the globe, marking the third time in weeks that the Chinese-owned video app has experienced technical difficulties.

According to internet outage info site Downdetector, the issues started at 10 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday, impacting TikTokers around the globe.

Specifically, the site — which collates reports of outages from social media and elsewhere — logged a whopping 4,000 problems, 51% of which entailed app issues while 44% pertained to server connection, per the report.

Flustered TikTok enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their frustration.

The issues started at 10am today.
The issues started at 10 a.m. today.
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TikTok has crashed for the third time in weeks.
TikTok has crashed for the third time in weeks.
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“Me entering twitter to see if TikTok down or my wifi just tripping,” wrote one flummoxed user, while another gasped, “Anyone elses TikTok being weird? #tiktokdown?!”

“Is tiktok down again … damn she really been pulling an instagram lately,” lamented one fed-up user, presumably referencing the ‘Gram’s four-hour outage last month, the Daily Mail reported.

Unfortunately, TikTok has been plagued by technical glitches of late.

First, the app went dark across the UK on Nov. 1. It then suffered a global outage on Nov. 4.

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