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Skate Developer Talks About Gameplay Innovations & Evolving World

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Skate developer Full Circle dropped another episode of its developer diary series that it started back in July. This newest video focuses mostly on Skate‘s gameplay and its setting called San Vansterdam.

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According to the various developers in the video, they’ll be “re-factoring” and rebuilding the foundation of the game, complete with “new technology” to make it feel unlike any other past entry while still “[feeling] like Skate.” This includes improving all areas, even tricks, with things like flip tricks, grinds, reverts, and more all getting updated in some way. For example, players can now lean and transition while grinding to change their grind without having to leave the rail.

The developers also talked more about what fans can expect when they get off their skateboard. While the group didn’t go into full detail, they did note that they’re focusing now on how to create more fun opportunities when players aren’t skating in a way that augments the on-board gameplay. This means players can climb around as if they were in an Assassin’s Creed game in order to reach new heights. The team also spoke about how they’ve gotten much better at the motion capture process that allows for more “style” to come through in the game.

As for San Vansterdam, a new downtown environment is being built inside the city, which Full Circle noted is an “evolving environment” and not a static city. Their hope is to keep the city growing over time and include tons of verticality in the world so that players are always discovering new tricks and places. The group also teased the inclusion of “unique neighborhoods,” with each one holding a special meaning to the history of skateboarding.

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Skate doesn’t have a release date, but it will be the newest entry in the franchise since 2010. The previous three installments all received critical and commercial acclaim for providing a more realistic alternative to the over-the-top action in Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. 

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