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Jimmy Fallon addresses #RIPJIMMYFALLON on the ‘Tonight Show’

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He’s Alive, He’s Alive!

Jimmy Fallon returned to the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday after it was rumored across Twitter he died the night before.

#RIPJIMMYFALLON was the second-highest trending hashtag on Twitter Tuesday night, but Fallon, 48, made the tag look foolish 24 hours later as he was dancing and singing in studio 6B.

After being introduced on stage by announcer Steve Higgins, Fallon joined The Roots and a choir dressed in white regalia for a church-like singalong of his revival.

The comedian ended the singing by claiming he wouldn’t leave until his job on earth was finished.

During his opening monologue, Fallon poked fun at other trending topics by adding his “death” into it.

“When they heard I died, Ticketmaster kicked me out of line for Taylor Swift tickets,” Fallon told the audience.

He also took the chance to take a dig at Donald Trump’s White House run saying, “When I heard Trump was running again, I said over my dead body.”

Later in the show, Fallon took a few moments to discuss how he found out he “died,” while out to dinner with his wife Nancy Juvonen. He believed the trend started based on a joke with Twitter users sharing images of different late-night hosts.

“They didn’t think it was going to take off like it did,” Fallon said. “But then it just took off. People started believing it. It’s just odd.”

Even though he has gone through a death hoax before, Fallon still doesn’t know how to handle them and joked he didn’t hear from concerned family and friends.

“I didn’t hear anything from (Justin) Timberlake, nothing, I expect flowers tomorrow,” Fallon told Higgins.

Fallon later asked Twitter CEO Elon Musk to help mitigate the damage the hashtag was creating. Instead, Musk took a jab at his company by questioning whether Fallon was real or a “bot.”

“First of all, I’m not going to die,” Fallon said during his show. “I’m very healthy, have a lot to live for, and have two little girls. I will live for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

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