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Stephen Lang Reflects on Avatar’s Legacy, Watching Rerelease

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Stephen Lang Reflects on Avatar’s Legacy, Watching Rerelease

Stephen Lang has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, including working on James Cameron’s hit film Avatar. With the film being rereleased into theaters recently, Lang also had the opportunity to watch it again with family that hadn’t seen it before.

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“Yeah, it’s very gratifying,” Lang said in an interview with ComingSoon when asked about the film still resonating so much.”I went to see it, so I hadn’t seen it since back in the day. I sat between one of my grandsons and one of my granddaughters, neither of whom were born when we originally released Avatar. So that was pretty thrilling for me. And also, I must say, kind of moving for me as well, to watch them be as enthralled with the world of Pandora as I hope everybody else on the planet will be. So it’s nice, it’s wonderful.”

While Lang’s character in Avatar seemingly met a concrete fate, he will actually be returning in the upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. Speaking to Empire Magazine earlier this year, Lang revealed that not only is Miles Quaritch back, but he’s even angrier than he was in the first film. “He’s bigger, he’s bluer, he’s pissed off,” Lang said. “But there may possibly be an aspect of humility. When you take two Na’vi arrows in the chest, that’s gonna have some kind of effect on you.”

A whole new body for Lang also means that he’ll have the ability to do much more, with the actor noting that you’ll see some new cunning moves as a Na’vi. “[He] was always a character who moved in straight lines and at right angles,” said Lang. “But now he is as lithe as they come. He can move with the same kind of cunning and feral quality that any of the Na’vi can.”

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Currently, Avatar 2 is set to be released on December 16, 2022, after being pushed back a handful of times. Following that are three additional films, with Avatar 3 tentatively scheduled for December 20, 2024, Avatar 4 set for December 18, 2026, and Avatar 5 on December 22, 2028.

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