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How Technology Is Solving Employment Issues In the Dental Space

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How Technology Is Solving Employment Issues In the Dental Space

One of the most challenging things about running a dental office is finding temporary staff on short notice. When one of your employees goes on vacation or calls in sick, you’ll need to find someone to do their job in a hurry.

In some offices, it may be no big deal if one employee calls out for the day. In a dental office, team members are dependent on one another. A dentist relies on the hygienist to clean a patient’s teeth, take x-rays, and do prep work. If the hygienist doesn’t show up, the dentist will have to do their work and the hygienist’s work. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll have to reschedule the appointment. 

When you cannot see all of the patients scheduled for the day, you lose money and your clients get upset. They may leave bad reviews online that will further hurt your business.

The Problem with Temporary Agencies 

Getting a temporary hygienist to your office stat is imperative to the success of your business and the happiness of your clients. In the past, dental offices used a dental temp agency to find a hygienist in a hurry.

Dental temporary agencies employ talent recruiters to get dental professionals on their roster of temporary workers. It is also their job to place people in dental offices according to their skill set. They must also maintain and update the records that they have on these dental professionals. 

Because temp agencies have people calling in all day for dental hygienists in addition to new workers applying for jobs, updating records can fall by the wayside. Most dental temporaries will not call the temp agency’s office to let them know whether or not they are available. They will wait for the employment recruiter to contact them.

When a dental recruiter gets a request for a hygienist, they probably only have time to call a few numbers. They have no idea whether or not the hygienist they are calling is even available. You may have to wait days to get a temporary, or they may not be able to get you anyone at all.

Dental Staffing Apps

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. There are dental temporary apps that work exactly like rideshare apps.

All you have to do is create a profile with the name, address, and hours of your business. Once your account is verified, you can start posting jobs.

Dental professionals will create a detailed profile. It will tell you their licensure information and their years of experience in performing various tasks. Most platforms will verify the dental professional’s information before they can start accepting jobs.

When a dental professional wants to work, they can set their app to available. When their app is set to available, they will get an alert to job offers. When a dental hygienist or assistant accepts a job, the app notifies the dental office. If the dental office approves, the temporary will head to the dental practice and begin working. The dental office will pay them at the end of the day through the app.

You work hard to make your patients comfortable and your practice a success. Dental staffing platforms can help you achieve your goals and make your office a fantastic place to visit.

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