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Fox’s Resident Liberal Jessica Tarlov Rips ‘Wokeness’ As a Serious Problem for Democrats

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Fox’s Resident Liberal Jessica Tarlov Rips ‘Wokeness’ As a Serious Problem for Democrats

Last night, Fox News’ “The Five” discussed a recent Pod Save America episode that featured former President Barack Obama. In the episode, the former leader of the free world discussed his views on wokeness and cancel culture, warning Democrats that they are becoming ‘buzzkills.’

The conservatives around the table on “The Five” were unanimous in agreement with Obama, with some stating that he’s a bit late to the party.

However, even the resident hip liberal at the table, Jessica Tarlov, agreed with President Obama without even a caveat.

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Every Family Holiday Dinner

The clips from the podcast that “The Five” used sort of make it seem as though the former Commander-in-Chief is against the woke wave that his party appears to have embraced. He rightly describes how most of us feel at holiday family get-togethers:

“People just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells.”

I can relate to that statement. For a time, my family couldn’t even watch the news or talk about anything going on in the world or country during the holidays for fear it might hurt the delicate sensibilities of a few family members.

He goes on to state in his very soothing sort of way:

“We’re going around scolding folks if they don’t use exactly the right phrase, or you know, that identity politics becomes the principal lens through which we view our various political challenges.”

Is he trying to warn his fellow Democrats that they should dial down the wokeness and maybe actually discuss issues that matter to Americans? That’s pretty obvious, but he’s not the only one who has raised this alarm.

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Give No Effs

Legal eagle Judge Jeannine Pirro brought up how the “Ragin’ Cajun” James Carville had discussed this same woke virus before and asked Ms. Tarlov if anybody was paying attention in her party. Ms. Tarlov accurately describes Mr. Carville’s brand, stating:

“Well, James Carville has given no effs for decades.”

This is why I will always have a soft spot for the powerhouse Democrat political strategist; we need more folks who give no effs. Mr. Carville had warned Democrats that when it comes to cancel culture, Americans aren’t into it:

“Some of these people need to go to a ‘woke’ detox center or something. They’re expressing a language that people just don’t use, and there’s backlash and a frustration at that.”

Ms. Tarlov doubles down on that, explaining that what Mr. Obama and Mr. Carville are referring to is “…liberals who make it impossible for you to breathe.” She continues to explain that pushing woke nonsense like ‘Latinx’ is:

“…alienating I’d say, moderate to conservative Democrats, certainly independents.”

So how woke have liberals allowed things to get? 

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Its… Everywhere!

You can’t look into any industry or topic without finding evidence of wokeness and cancel culture. Just recently, the mega beauty store Ulta got in on the woke action eliciting many women, including myself, to decide to purchase their makeup elsewhere.

The beauty brand hosted Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male, in their series ‘The Joy of Girlhood’ with another biological male, David Lopez. The two men who identify as trans-women opined on what it means to be a woman.

Just sit with that for a minute. Two men, dressed as women, on a show sponsored by a beauty brand, talking about the uniqueness of being a woman. 

Needless to say, I, along with many other actual women, will be purchasing their hair and makeup products elsewhere. But wokeness and cancel culture are literally everywhere.

Comedian Dave Chappelle felt the brunt of woke cancel warriors who shut down his show in Minneapolis due to his jokes regarding the transgender community. But, as he put it, “Comedy is just comedy.” 

Not if you’re a woke liberal. The beloved store Target got in on it, too, selling “chest binders” and “packing underwear” during Pride month targeted towards younger consumers. 

And you can’t talk about wokeness without bringing up Disney and the military. Both of which have bent the knee to the woke mob.

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So I suppose it’s a good sign that the likes of Barack Obama are speaking out against this movement. Or was he?


If you listen to the entirety of the aforementioned podcast, which I did, the former master of oration wasn’t saying that woke culture is terrible; what he was explaining was that the liberals lack empathy for those of us who are new to this evolutionary change in language.

He uses his mother-in-law, who is 86 years old, as an example. He describes how when they are discussing issues with her, she sometimes uses the wrong “phraseology.” To expect someone like her to get it right every time would be the equivalent of her learning a foreign language and speaking it fluently.

Have you ever listened to a woke Zoomer? It’s barely English at all.

So don’t get it twisted; the Obamas are not against this woke wave; they just want their liberal followers to dial down the anger and replace it with passive-aggressive acceptance.

Sort of how those of us who are of a generation comfortable with technology talk to our older parents when trying to explain how streaming works on their televisions.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a hard pass. Woke ideology has destroyed many aspects of our society, from education to the military.

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But perhaps almost sadder is that, culturally, it has destroyed fun. Even Russell Brand, who by no means is a conservative, has felt cancel culture, moving his show from YouTube to Rumble.

Sorry to say it, liberals, you used to be the fun, edgy, and outside-the-box group. Now you’re just dull, obnoxious, and, as Obama says… a major buzzkill.

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