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Fallen Dynasty Release Date Revealed With Special Editions

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Fallen Dynasty Release Date Revealed With Special Editions

Team Ninja is working on a couple melee action games and just announced that one of them is just around the corner. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Nioh-like action role-playing game set in Ancient China, is coming out on March 3, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will also launch on Game Pass for PC and Xbox systems.

Team Ninja revealed this worldwide release date on the game’s official Twitter account alongside the feedback it got from the demo and its special editions. The team noted that it got over 80,000 responses from the demo that came out in September and that 89% of players were positive overall on it. It then got more granular with more specific polls about its combat, visuals, and more.

Team Ninja explained what steps it was taking in order to respond to the feedback. Deflects will be adjusted on the whole with more relaxed timing windows, better sound effects, improved visual cues, stronger lock-on, and more. The studio also promised to look into the visuals, frame rate, tutorials, font size, multiplayer, and more, which were all brought up in the survey.

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Wo Long will also have a few special editions and bonuses. Those who pre-order or purchase any edition within the first two weeks will receive the Baihu Armor. People who pre-order digitally or buy any digital version in that two-week time frame will get that armor as well as the Zhuque Armor. These armor sets won’t be included for those who play it on Game Pass, though.

There is also a limited steelbook version that has the game, a steelbook, and bonus Crown of Zhurong and Crown of Gonggong armor. However, Team Ninja didn’t show what this limited physical launch edition steelbook would look like.

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The digital deluxe version will likely be the most expensive one as it includes digital copies of the game, art book, and soundtrack, as well as its season pass. The season pass comes with the Qinglong Armor and three expansions and offers a discount on the DLC, too, much like the Nioh season passes.

Team Ninja is also working on Rise of the Ronin, which was announced during a recent State of Play. This upcoming action game set in 1860s Japan is set to come out as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive in 2024.

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