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Brad Pitt is ‘much more fun’ than Leonardo DiCaprio

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Brad Pitt is ‘much more fun’ than Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio may get first pick of new projects — but when it comes to picking co-stars, actor Henry Thomas prefers Brad Pitt.

The former child star has a lifetime of film credits to his name, and worked with some pretty famous faces over the years — including Pitt in 1994’s “Legends of the Fall” as well as DiCaprio in 2002’s “Gangs of New York.”

Given his choice to work with one of the two leading men again, the 51-year-old “Haunting of Hill House” alum confessed he indeed has a favorite.

“Brad Pitt. Much more fun,” Thomas revealed to Insider in a recent interview.

“I didn’t really hang out with Leo,” he added. “But I hung out with Brad.”

“We got along pretty well so we had fun. And we were out in the mountains in the middle of nowhere so maybe that had something to do with it,” Thomas explained.

In “Legends of the Fall,” Thomas portrayed the younger brother of Pitt’s character as two men roughing it in the wilderness of 1900s Montana.

Later, Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” saw Thomas as a sidekick to DiCaprio’s role, as they battle urban mobsters in the 1800s.

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 25:  Brad Pitt (R) and Henry Thomas pose at a photocall for "Legends Of The Fall" in April 25, 1995 in London, England. C/n 018553 Henrythomasretro (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)
Brad Pitt and Henry Thomas pose at a photocall for “Legends of the Fall” in April 1995 in London, England.
Getty Images
Henry Thomas (L) and Leonardo DiCaprio ina scene from "Gangsof New York.'' Gangs of New york film still. Photo Credit: Mario Tursi.
Henry Thomas and Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from “Gangs of New York.”
Mario Tursi

Thomas, who starred in “E.T.” at just 10 years old, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s classic this year. He opened up about how hard it was to grapple with stardom at such an early age.

“It was difficult for a time as a teenager kind of wanting to distance myself from being a boy and always being associated with being 10 years old,” he told Insider. “So that was tough as a young guy.”

“E.T.” became a huge success at the time, grossing over $350 million at the US box office. The role earned Thomas a Young Artist Award for best young motion picture actor and a BAFTA nomination for most outstanding newcomer.

He lamented in another interview with Gizmodo that he can’t enjoy “E.T.” like other viewers. “I can never watch anything that I’m in. I can’t separate myself,” Thomas admitted.

He also addressed any lingering rumors of a sequel to the heartwarming sci-fi flick.

Henry Thomas on the set of "E.T.". (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
Henry Thomas as Elliott Taylor in 1982’s “E.T.”
Corbis via Getty Images

“In the early ‘80s I think it was in the realm of possibilities. Because the film was such a success, I think there was a big push from the studio and the financial side of things to follow it up with another hit,” the father of three said.

“But Steven was always reticent to touch it again, and I think it’s his classic film. It’s a feather in his cap, and I don’t think he wants to mess with that at all,” said Thomas.

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