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Black Adam Joins MultiVersus With Space Jam Cosmetics and More

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Black Adam Joins MultiVersus With Space Jam Cosmetics and More

Black Adam was initially scheduled to join MultiVersus last week, but was delayed at the last minute. However, the DC anti-hero is now in the fighting game alongside some new maps, an arcade mode, Space Jam cosmetics, and more.

Black Adam is a new bruiser that is slower than other fighters, but makes up for it with his power. The above trailer has a brief overview of him while the gameplay breakdown below goes into specifics. Black Adam can punch the ground to make all grounded opponents pop up, but the charge that shoots out is on a cooldown timer. It can be charged for a bigger blast and has no limit on its range. He also has an anti-air electric move that can shock opponents but also give temporary electric gauntlets to his allies who jump into it.

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Black Adam can even shoot an electric ball that can be aimed for greater accuracy and chained between opponents, allies, and heavy projectiles. But that is just one way he can deal with projectiles since he can magnetize them to follow him and either punch them back at his opponents or throw up a shield to destroy them.

Black Adam’s arrival comes alongside a few new features and cosmetics. As noted by the patch notes, Arcade mode is finally in the game. Players can choose three difficulties and yield stars for each difficulties (there are also separate stars for two-on-two and one-on-one). However, Arcade mode is still in alpha, so it will be tweaked and changed in the future. Player First Games also added a Silly Queue feature that is meant to have modifiers and be for more casual players.

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Space Jam is also getting a fair bit of representation in this update, as there is new experimental themed basketball court stage and Bugs Bunny and Taz are both getting Space Jam uniforms. The previously datamined BMO announcer pack is finally in the game with an Ultra-Warrior Shaggy and a roofless version of the Scooby Mansion map. The update also comes with a fair share of balance updates for the cast.

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